Pancreatic Cancer Video Resources

Halozyme has created the following videos to help you learn more about pancreatic cancer and the HALO Pancreatic 301 study.

Just Diagnosed With Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: What You Need to Know

This video will provide basic information that you might find helpful as you begin to learn about Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

HALO Pancreatic 301 Study: Understanding the Benefits of Participation

The information provided in this video is intended to help you consider the benefits and possible risks of participating in a clinical study, specifically HALO Pancreatic 301.

HALO Pancreatic 301 Study: What to Expect from Screening and Participation

This video will provide an overview of what to expect for patients who qualify and enroll in HALO Pancreatic 301.

Hyaluronan (HA): What It Is and How It May Affect Tumors

This video explains what HA is and what may happen when a tumor has a high level of HA.